Tsukuba Machine Check! The ASM AP1 S2000 CAR 1 Returns To Time Attack!

Tsukuba Machine Check! The ASM AP1 S2000 CAR 1 Returns To Time Attack!

ASM has a long history in Japan’s NA Class of Time Attack. Long before the Attack series even existed, the ASM team had dominated the NA class in their GT-06 S2000 build (Car #2), holding the NA title for over a decade; a 57.398 set in 2006 at RevSpeed Super Lap Battle.

Development of the newer Car #1 would see the team set the first S2000 to ever hit the 56 second lap time in February of 2019 – at the height of the NA S2000 battles. After a long 5 year hiatus from the circuit, Shinichiro Kanayama and the ASM team have returned to Tsukuba with the ASM S2000 Car #1.

With this being the first year of the cars return, not much has changed. Check out the video to see some of the differences, and feel free to reference the below links for more info. The new footage was shot during the Pingu Attack practice event the day before Attack Tsukuba’s main event. It was really great to see this car back on track.

For a detailed look into the history of the ASM S2000, as well as the NA Frontrunners at Tsukuba, please visit the following article:

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2018 Spec ASM S2000:

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