The WORST Thing To Happen With My K24 Honda S2000

The WORST Thing To Happen With My K24 Honda S2000

Not the results we wanted at Road America. And by results I mean a fire. Oh well, lots to figure out including engine temps, fire suppression issues, fender shaking, etc. Street cars are NOT race cars, but we’re learning with every episode and we hope you continue to stick with us as we learn on clapped car. P.S. Sorry for my language, I was a bit heated in the moment and chose to put it in anyway because I don’t want to hide the moments where i’m legitimately frustrated. This track day was a low point for me and I felt you needed to see that.

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Road America is not where I wanted my turbo Honda S2000 to start on fire, but here we are…Back to the shop!

0:00 The K24 Turbo Started On Fire
:40 Road America Shake Down Day!
2:30 First Run In The Rain At Road America!
5:45 Issue with the 2nd Run
8:15 The Best Part of Racing
9:00 3rd Stint Review – Bodykit Issues
11:30 The Final Stint
11:55 My Turbo S2000 Started on Fire
14:30 Calling My Wife

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