Our CHEAP Turbo Honda S2000 Gets The Best Mod Yet!

Our CHEAP Turbo Honda S2000 Gets The Best Mod Yet!

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In today’s episode we’re getting the roll bar mocked up, stumbling across old car parts we bought for this thing (& then forgot about), and finally unbox our BRAND NEW APR Performance wing! We STILL need to finish up the seats, steering wheel, and so much more but its FINALLY starting to take shape. Only question is, what color should we wrap it?! Let me know below and thanks for watching the WHOLE THING!

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0:00 The Honda S2000 Update
:40 Let’s Fix Our Foggy Headlights
3:00 What Needs To Be Fixed On The S2000
4:00 The Best Wing EVER | APR Performance
4:45 If you can’t do, be a teacher or something like that
5:30 Hard Top, Roll Bar, AND A Wing?
9:00 What this S2000 Has Taught Me So Far

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