Header Building + Testing – NA S2000 Part 3

Header Building + Testing – NA S2000 Part 3

We wanted to test a few headers to see if and where the power changes.
We tried 5 off the shelf headers and then modified some then build 2 of our own from scratch.
There’s a lot of power to be found in different RPM ranges, playing with diameter, Merge points, step points and over all length makes drastic differences.

We will make a separate video on header testing and go over the ones we tested. The headers will be for sale at a discount for those that are interested.

In Part 4 we’ll get some real world driving impressions and test our car against some other S2000s and get some driver impressions for 2 of my friends that own S2000 and drive daily.

Part 1 –

LHT S2000 NA Package – Removed the Turbo

Part 2-

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