Building The CHEAPEST Honda S2000 For Time Attack

Building The CHEAPEST Honda S2000 For Time Attack

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Today’s Video: The $11,000 Honda S2000 | K24 Swap | New VR Forged Wheels | New Michelin Tires | New APR Widebody S2GT Kit Install

Really stoked to be bringing this series back in a new way because i’m tired of this super cheap S2000 being a paperweight in the garage so let’s GET IT DONE! Today’s video brings the story back to you on where we left off last year. We’ve got a new goal; get this car ready for GridLife Time Attack. Are you as excited as I am? I hope so…drop a comment to show your support! NEW EPISODES EVERY 2 WEEKS

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0:00 We’re Building a Racetrack
:50 Let’s Talk About this Race Car
1:30 Let’s Talk About Race Rules
4:40 Back To Cutting Up The S2000
7:00 – Finishing Up The Front
9:00 – The Side Skirt Mock Up
12:00 Why VR Forged Wheels

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