Why the GR86 and Emira are More Similar Than You Think

Why the GR86 and Emira are More Similar Than You Think

In a world that increasingly values straight-line speed, I’m back on a Toyota GR86 exploring the parallels between this affordable sports car and my Lotus Emira. While both cars take very different paths, they both have a shared philosophy of prioritizing driver engagement over raw power, delivering a driving experience that connects the driver to the road. But how does the GR86, known for its playful dynamics and modest engine, stack up against the more upscale Emira? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 Common Philosophy
03:31 GR86 vs FR-S
05:37 Engine Comparison
06:42 General Comparison
08:06 GR86 and Emira Highlights
10:58 Cost of Consumables