Which S2000 Clutch – Pedal PADS AT LAST !

Which S2000 Clutch – Pedal PADS AT LAST !

We see some pretty bad clutch, this one limped here.

The best clutch hands down for your S2000 is the OEM Honda !

If you don’t require extra holding power, it’s the no compromise clutch.

The best option we like for 300-430whp is the FX300 with the AP2 flywheel or if you don’t mind a little extra clutch buzz, the AP1 flywheel.

The AP2 flywheel being heavier, helps dull the sounds more.

Also the Pedal Pad is here !

The annoying sound when you put the clutch pedal to the floor is metal on metal…
The Pedal pad dulls that sound and gives a more NEW CAR feel.

Check out in the LHT Store.

Pedal Pad