TURBO GR86 Making RELIABLE 400WHP??? | Exciting Dyno Day Results!

TURBO GR86 Making RELIABLE 400WHP??? | Exciting Dyno Day Results!

Sorry, the image of the final dyno graph of the dyno day is linked below. When applied to the video it became very grainy and the numbers were not clearly readable. We didn’t want to cause any confusion so here is a link to an instagram post with the clearer image of the graph.

The first four pulls were made on wastegate pressure (5.5-6psi). The last pull you see with the iPhone video was on 9psi! Which made 412whp and 330wtq! The sheet below, is of our best dyno pull of the day, after our camera man had to leave. No worries though, we will be back on the dyno soon and we will make another video and get more clips! We also are going to be testing some different manifold setups to see how or if they change the performance!

Dyno Graph:

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In this short video we will be testing to see how much power our GR86 can make! We don’t want to go crazy, definitely prefer to keep the car in a reliable state. But out of curiosity, we turned the boost up to see if we could push the 400hp mark.. and we did!

The turbo kit you saw in this video is linked below if you’d like to check it out. Let us know in the comments section what you think and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe for more!

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