Toyota GR86 Ultimate Buyers Guide | WATCH THIS FIRST

Toyota GR86 Ultimate Buyers Guide | WATCH THIS FIRST

👋 In todays video we are going over the Toyota GR86 and what this car is about and the costs associated with owning this car! The Toyota GR86 is generations in the making of a fun front engine, rear wheel drive sportscar from Toyota! This dates back to the AE86 Corolla GTS! Of course Toyota also had the infamous Supra, but after that was stopped with production, Toyota eventually started to bring back the sportscar and started off with it’s Scion tC! I forgot to mention that car, but it’s the only front wheel drive version they made. So lets start with the Scion FR-S! This was a fun, affordable sportscar that was meant to draw in a younger crowd! That lasted several years before Toyota axed Scion and rebranded the car as a Toyota GT86. After that generation, Toyota changed the name yet again to the current model, GR86. This is now apart of the GR group with the Supra and Corolla for Gazoo Racing, which is Toyotas motorsports division!
Toyota has made a great leap in providing fun and reliable sportscars that do range in price, but you can get into an “entry” level sportscar for not much!
The Toyota GR86 also has it’s sister the Subaru BRZ which has been along side the Toyota for several years! Both of these are excellent sportscars with a good bit of options depending on what works best for you!
These cars are also easy to maintain and depending on your driving history, etc, can be cheap to insure and keep on the road!
Let me know if you have any questions on this Toyota GR86 if you are in the market for one. I highly recommend this car as a first car, or just a fun inexpensive sportscar to buy to enjoy a drivers car!

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