This TURBOCHARGED Honda S2000 is an absolute MONSTER!! #turbos2k

This TURBOCHARGED Honda S2000 is an absolute MONSTER!! #turbos2k

In this episode, Nids introduces us to his BOOSTED/TURBOCHARGED Honda S2000! His instagram doesn’t reveal much about this monster, so I didn’t even know what it was all about until he rolled up and I heard the absolute godly flutter.

This is my first ever taste of a Honda S2000, the very car that held the record (for multiple years) for highest HP per litre of engine displacement to be defeated by none other than Ferrari. Its a convertible with an X-frame under the body to keep its structural rigidity, and its VTEC in stock form supposedly feels like turbo lag but without the turbo. Well, guess what. Now there’s an actual turbo and its absolutely insane.

NIDs’ S2k has a full bolt GReddy turbo kit with custom 3″ turbo back exhaust. Its got a whole bunch of genuine JDM after market bits, but my favourite addition has got to be that amazing hard top AND the super stealth gauge set up that’s been setup in the stock radio location!

From stock power, to broken engine, to engine swap then turbo charged, this thing has had one hell of a life. It also has one hell of an owner who has looked after it meticulously. A set of absolute beautiful Volks Racing TE37SL completes the look so well.

The car drives absolutely amazing, equipped with Shockworkz coilovers. This car does not feel like it belongs on the road, and with only 245 kW, it definitely feels like it has a lot more. I’ve been on some much faster cars that have appeared here on this very channel, they’ve all felt fun and I’ve loved every moment. But this car, has got to be the scariest drive I’ve featured on the channel so far.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Exterior Mods
3:07 OEM Honda S2000 hard top costs HOW MUCH??
4:18 Stock engine blew up, now its boosted!
6:28 Brake and suspension upgrades
7:14 Interior mods
9:11 Details on how to boost/turbocharge the Honda S2000
11:35 Cold Star + Revs
11:46 Driving Impressions

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Gear used:
Sony A7C II
Sony FE 16-35 mm F/4