Stops harder than a Porsche 911? (Subaru BRZ tS 2024 Review)

Stops harder than a Porsche 911? (Subaru BRZ tS 2024 Review)

The Subaru BRZ range has been upgraded for 2024 with all manual models receiving forwards AEB as standard along with a handful of other safety upgrades – along with a $3500 price hike.

Sitting at the top of the 2024 range is the new tS grade, which adds hard-core upgrades like a big brake kit front and rear, a firmer suspension setup and other select upgrades inside the interior, all for an additional $3600 over the regular S grade.

Though not as cheap as it used to be, the BRZ tS represents solid value with a list price of under $50,000 – especially when many hot hatches are now over $70,000.

Production specialist Tom Place takes a manual-equipped tS for a spin to see if the latest upgrades have provided a solid improvement to the BRZ formula and if the changes have come at the expense of everyday livability.

Time codes:
0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Changes for 2024
1:50 – Prices
2:20 – tS changes
3:29 – Driving
6:28 – Daily driving
7:16 – Braking
8:43 – Safety
9:47 – Interior
12:51 – Boot
13:51 – Running costs
14:32 – Verdict

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