7 Modifications Every Toyota GR86 Owner Should Have!

7 Modifications Every Toyota GR86 Owner Should Have!

👋 In todays video we go over the top modifications that are pretty inexpensive that you can add to your Toyota GR86, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86 or Scion FRS! These are modifications that are subtle but can add a more fun driving experience for this car! For me, the 2023 Toyota GR86 is such a fun little sportscar to drive and mod! It’s very lightweight which makes it a great handling vehicle even though it doesn’t have much power! Power isn’t everything which is why this car can be a blast to drive!
For the modification list, in no particular order, let’s start with the wheels, tires and suspension! Right off the bat, these are going to drastically improve the handling characteristics and grip for the vehicle! With the right suspension, there are going to be several adjustments to make to really dial in the ride to your liking and the wheel and tire setup with also help with the aesthetic look but also provide better grip with a wider tire!
The hood struts I just threw in because they are cheap, but so effective!
The exhaust and intake are an obvious modification because who doesn’t want sound! These are usually the first modifications to get some excitement out of the car! With this platform and the four cylinder engine, there’s not much to do, but you can still get a good sound with the right exhaust and even from the intake!
The short throw shifter is definitely something that I am considering but just not sure how I feel about it! It would definitely be more engaging and possibly quicker to shift, but it’s not something that is necessary! It’s more of a feel with how you like the shifter!
The carbon accents are really a personal preference, but some kind of kit or accents definitely add to the lines of the car and you can really personalize your vehicle by adding parts!

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