2022 WRX (Stock) vs 2023 BRZ (Stock) // Rolls+Impressions

2022 WRX (Stock) vs 2023 BRZ (Stock) // Rolls+Impressions

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Today I have a fun one! A Sibling rivalry under the Subaru flag. The 2023 BRZ makes 228hp and the 2022 WRX makes 271hp. Who will be the faster of the 2? both cars come in at $31k which makes them a great deal depending on if you need AWD and 4 doors or not!

Disclaimer: I am the owner and creator of all music in this video.

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Perrin Intake
Perrin Turbo inlet
Perrin diverter valve
Perrin Front mount intercooler
Custom fab jpipe and catback from Invidia and MAPerformance
Perrin Super Shifter Stop

Noble Big bulge hood scoop
Noble STI Oem lip:
Noble STI oem style spats:
Noble CS grill:
Aeroflow Dyanmics OEM style duckbill:
Ebay side skirts
Cosmis Racing XT-206R
Diode Dynamics Tail as turnlight
Noble Blue side mirrors with turn lights