1,000 Miles Across the Desert in OUR Toyota AE86 and GTI // Road to Enlightenment Ep.1

1,000 Miles Across the Desert in OUR Toyota AE86 and GTI // Road to Enlightenment Ep.1

Thomas and James have PURCHASED two ‘80s hatchbacks – the 1986 Toyota Corolla AE86 and the 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. James bought his Sprinter Trueno sight-unseen and promptly decked it out in full Initial D livery, as one does. Thomas spent only a few moments with his stock Mk1 GTI before shipping it off for adventure. A 1000 mile road trip across the desert lies before them. In their journey to reach enlightenment, the cars will likely be pushed to their limits. Let’s see what two classic ‘80s hot hatchbacks can do! We hope you enjoy the first ever episode of the Throttle House Adventure Series.

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Written and Presented by: Thomas Holland and James Engelsman
Production and Editing Lead: Karston Chong
Production and Editing: Daniel Mason and Kevin Cootauco
Sound Recording and Editing: Harrison Dickson
Production Manager: Gregory DeCaire
Map and Digital FX: Ben Kahan / Lontaur Media

With special thanks to:
Safe Auto – for a prompt delivery of our little hatchbacks
Clarkson Fine Cars – for preparing our cars for the journey
Limitless Wraps – for James’ authentic Initial D livery
Toyota USA – for providing a Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition support vehicle
Honda USA – for providing a Honda Passport Trailsport support vehicle

“Initial D Toyota Commercial” Directed by Annis Naeem
Created by Plumhead Studio.


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