S-Fam – Honda S2000 Meet – Long Beach, CA

S-Fam – Honda S2000 Meet – Long Beach, CA

The S-Fam meet had a great display of Honda S2000’s. IT represented all the different stages and ways their owners build them. There were full race cars to stock gem examples and a few rough project cars. It was really good to see how the Honda community continues to grow through the generations and that there is still a huge following for the S2k.

The meet was held in Long Beach, Ca and had a very cool additional feature, Fog. a heavy fog remained throughout the show given a neutral backdrop allowing the cars to really pop.

By the end of the meet I did miss my s2k just a little bit but it also helped me refocus on getting Project Shinigami running.

McRib47 (IG) brought out his s2k so we ran around commenting during the meet.

Comment below and let me know what you thought of the show.

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