Saving Takumi’s Abandoned AE86 [PT. 2] – Initial D // Unreal Engine 4 (RTX)

Saving Takumi’s Abandoned AE86 [PT. 2] – Initial D // Unreal Engine 4 (RTX)

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DISCLAIMER: The following video is a fan-made video and is in no way associated with the official Initial D or MF Ghost series.

The long awaited Part 2! This has been in the works for quite awhile, and has taken me countless hours to put together, but after the reception that the first video got, I knew I owed you a part 2! Glad I could finally get it all together. This could possibly be my last render in Unreal Engine 4, I am excited to take the plunge into Unreal Engine 5 and see what I can do there!

This is a digital 3D render I created using Maya, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine 4. Character animated using Mixamo. Thanks to my buddy Tim for letting me record his AE86 for sound effects!

Story: “Year 2030: First they came for the racecars. Congress failed to pass the RPM act, which allowed the EPA to destroy motorsports as we know it. Soon after that, they passed a worldwide bill banning gasoline vehicles from the streets forever. Now all that’s left are empty metal shells filled with memories of times past. Each one tells a unique story, but mother nature is slowly erasing them from existence.”

Instagram: @conorlconorl


-Initial D Second Stage Soundtrack – Affectionate

-Joy – Initial D first stage sound file

-Rage your dream/m.o.v.e [Music Box] (Anime “Initial D” ED)

AE86 model from Assetto Corsa
Wheel model from Loss Tunes Workshop
Tires from CG Trader
Quixel Megascans Assets
Hat model by powwow1 on CG Trader
New Balance model by Yaschan on CG Trader
Newspaper model by winzmuc on CG Trader
Semi Truck – vizpeople on CG Trader
Building by ArtistNoSix on CG Trader
Toyota GT86 Model by HAMO3D on CG Trader
Civic EG6 Model by Hum3D
Neon Sign by jonni0409 on CG Trader
Industrial City Assets by PolyPixel
Person Model from Mixamo
Jarles Handheld Camera Plugin
Open Sign by plaggy on CG Trader

Sound Effects:
Chime –
Engine Noise –
Cicadas –
City –
Wheel Turning –
Lights –
Electric Sounds –
AE86 Cranking –
Tesla Semi –
Car Door –