Honda S2000 Reimagined | Touge Run & Buttonwillow | Deadset No Half Measure

Honda S2000 Reimagined | Touge Run & Buttonwillow | Deadset No Half Measure

Starting out this year with our first collaboration film with Deadset Racing featuring Sky’s Honda S2000. When we saw photos of his build for the first time, we were trying get a grasp of what kind of car we were looking at. At first glance from the back of the car you would probably think it’s some kind of newer Porsche. Haha nope it’s definitely a Honda! The retro-fitted Audi taillights definitely is a first for us. With it on, it completely transforms the whole look of the car. Paired with track focused mods and Sky’s personal touch this is definitely one of the most unique S2000 builds we’ve seen around the Bay.

As crazy as the car looks, it definitely does show its wear and tear. The owner definitely wasn’t keen on just storing it in a garage for show. Sky is heavily involved in HPDE racing here in Northern California and has raced at tracks like, Buttonwillow and Thunderhill Raceway. It might not be a proper show car, but his lap times with the car shows enough how well put together this S2000 is performance wise.

We started the film at the Deadset shop, and decided to go with a more moody atmosphere to reveal the car. After that for the second part of the film we decided to take the car out on a sunrise touge run to get the car ripping through tight corners one by one and to get raw audio of the car echoing through the mountains. And of course no track car film would be right without on track footage. The track footage was done prior to any other parts of the film at one of Deadset’s track days.

This video took several months to complete. We have implemented a variety of new shots and sound design. Enjoy the video in 4k with a good sound system.

Special thanks to Turn8 Racing for letting us film at the track.

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