2024 Integra Type S vs Civic Type R, Acura NSX, Honda S2K, ITR — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race Replay

2024 Integra Type S vs Civic Type R, Acura NSX, Honda S2K, ITR — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race Replay

Drag Race and Roll Race: 2024 Acura Integra Type S versus 2023 Honda Civic Type R — together with Honda’s Legends from the past: the original Acura NSX, the legendary Integra Type R, and the rare Honda S2000 CR.

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This is an episode featuring Honda’s greatest hits from the VTEC days against today’s Turbo Twins!

Hear the VTEC legends: B18C5 battle the F22C1 and C30A!

How are the exhausts on the FL5 Civic Type R versus DE5 Acura Integra Type S? Jason and Randy Pobst make sure to find out in a drag race and a roll race!

0:00 Intro: Honda’s Glory Days
0:57 Hagerty Driver’s Club Promo
1:18 The NA1 NSX and C30A V6
1:53 The S2000 AP1 and AP2 — F22C1 in the S2000 CR
2:35 The DC2 Integra Type R and B18C
3:12 VTEC Drag Race — ITR vs S2K vs NSX!
4:13 Drag Race Walkback: NA1 NSX (13.5 @ 104 mph)
4:53 Drag Race Walkback: S2000 CR (14.2 @ 98 mph)
5:38 Drag Race Walkback: ITR (15.2 @ 93 mph)
6:45 Valentine 1 Promo and Trap Speed Cam
7:09 2024 Integra Type S vs 2023 Honda Civic Type R Drag Race
7:19 Spec Comparison: ITS vs CTR
8:09 Drag Race: ITS CTR NSX!
9:05 Launching the Civic and Integra with Traction Control difference
9:50 Roll Race: ITS CTR NSX

10:29 Civic Type R and Integra Type S are as fast as original NSX

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