My garage S2000 turbo build will make you happy | PT1 Widebody

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My Honda S2000 has a weird history. It was initially built a decade ago, had some issues that could have made it start on fire, and is god ugly to look at. While i’ve enjoyed this $11,000 car, it’s time to build it how it should be done. Wide, functional, and ready to race. SO TODAY we take a look at the APR S2GT Widebody Kit, VR Forged Wheels, and the other parts that need to get installed on this thing in my garage. If you know me, you know I try to stick with stock body cars. I just like them a lil more. Unfortunately, if we want to recover this car and set it up for racing, we need this kit.Let me know below WHAT COLOR you think we should paint this thing and thank you so much for watching!

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0:00 The Widebody Build Series BEGINS
1:15 History Of Clapped Honda S2000
3:00 The APR S2GT Widebody Kit
7:00 – Unboxing the Widebody Kit!
8:45 – First Look At the Bumper!
10:45 Unboxing The VRForged Wheels!
12:12 What’s Next
12:40 Outro

Building A Turbo Honda S2000 In My Garage | PT1 – WIDEBODY!

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