Honda S2000 F20C1 Catastrophic Engine Teardown, User Error, Negligence, OR BOTH?

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Today’s patient is a first generation, or AP1 Honda S2000 Engine. An F20C1. 2.0L DOHC 4 cylinder that revs to the moon and makes nearly 120hp per liter. Considering this came out for the 2000 model year, that is pretty impressive. These engines do have their faults. Like many 4 cylinder Honda engines, they do use some oil when driven hard. Like every engine ever made, maintaining proper oil level is paramount to engine longevity. This particular engine had some less than desirable repairs on the the harness but I think the failure mode is not dissimilar to many failed engines we’ve seen on the channel. This engine was a late night marketplace find, and a total score for part value.

Why am I doing this? I own and run a full service auto salvage business in the Saint Louis area, and part of our model includes buying blown up or “core” engines as they’re known in the industry, and tearing them down to salvage the good parts. We do not rebuild or repair any engines, we merely supply parts to those that do.

I hope you enjoyed this teardown, as always I love all of the comments, feedback, and even the criticism.

Catch you on the next one!