The Worlds Biggest AE86 Festival | Tsukuba Japan 2022 | 4K

The Worlds Biggest AE86 Festival | Tsukuba Japan 2022 | 4K

On Christmas Day of every year, the worlds largest AE86 Festival is held at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. The festival is a combination of Time Attack and Drifting sessions, all Hachiroku, all day. Many well known shops such as TEC-ARTS bring their entire fleet of cars out for the day, for both the drifting and time attack events. Enjoy almost 14 minutes of raw sound in 4K.

I took over 3500 photos on the day that I will also be sharing over the coming weeks! These clips are purely times in between taking photos.

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00:00 Pit Walk
00:48 Time Attack
01:16 Pit Walk
02:05 Time Attack
02:18 Drift Pits
03:26 Drifting
04:27 Pit Walk
04:53 Time Attack
05:05 Drift Pits
06:47 Time Attack
07:57 Pit Walk
08:58 Time Attack
09:38 Pit Walk
09:53 Time Attack
10:06 Pit Walk
10:17 All cars on track
12:05 Drift Pits
12:50 Drifting